This book is one of a series.  “Every Young Man’s Battle” is another in that series. In a way this book is a ‘christian teenage survival guide’.  Perhaps it would be good to read it in conjunction with another book which I have written a little about in another book brief, namely ‘So Much More”.  Every Young Woman’s Battle is a very honest and straightforward book.  It deals with issues facing young women today, mainly the sexual issues.  The battle mentioned in the title is that battle for the maintaining of purity in the face of multiplied temptations in school, college and media of today.  It provides practical help based upon biblical values, especially for young women and is an antidote against the twisted sexual messages which popular culture is ceaselessly putting out.  If used in conjunction with the richer content of the book “So Much More” this book could be used in small group studies for young women.  That a book like this has to be written indicates the lack in the churches of a ministry which covers this ground in the course of teaching and preaching.  The writers handle the subject with kindness and frankness.  In fact, the book may be too frank for some.  But for teenage young women, facing the ceaseless barrage of negative influences coming through media, music, movies and fashion magazines this book presents a way to triumph and remain pure in their relationship to God and so keep themselves for Christian marriage.  There are chapters on guarding the heart and mind and body against sexual and emotional compromise and the reasons why girls are vulnerable in certain ways. Some readers may feel that they have been robbed of their purity but this book can help such to reclaim sexual integrity.  It can also help to guide all young women through the temptations and pressures of young adulthood whilst also living life to the fullest to the glory of God. 

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