This is a biography of the man most at the center of the Welsh Revival which took place in the early 20th Century.  Evan Roberts was prominent for a period of several years, particularly at the height of the revival which lasted about nine months, subsequently he suffered a breakdown and withdrew to a solitary ministry of prayer from which at times he emerged again into a more public role.  He lived in the home of Jesse Penn Lewis and her husband for many of those quiet years and many questions persist concerning him. What kind of man was he?  Why did certain things take place in his life and why did God choose this vessel to use in the revival and what happened afterwards.  This book does go some way to answering some of those questions although that which is enigmatic remains.  Some have analyzed the effects of the revival and have deduced that in fact it left the church deadened subsequently and have indicated that this was partly due to the fact that ministry of Evan Roberts relied too much upon factors other than the preached word.  This book takes us in to the anatomy of a revival, its beginnings and the way it unfolded.  The flaws in the human instrument God used are examined along with the methodologies which were employed to foster the spiritual movement.  For some the book will raise as many questions as it seeks to answer.  Horatius Bonar who witnessed several moves of God in Scotland wrote ‘the stories of revivals form the true history of the church and to observe the means and instruments by which God has carried out His work cannot fail to be profitable and quickening’.  There is both profit and quickening to be obtained in reading this book.  Evan Roberts seemed to possess the nine outstanding characteristics which usually fit a man to be involved in such a move of God, they are deep earnestness, a deep desire to see God work most powerfully, great faith, great patience, a willingness to expend energy and labor fearlessly, determination, deep spirituality and fervency in prayer.  Alongside all these there were shortcomings and attention is drawn to these as the story proceeds.  When you read a book of this type you are drawn into the unfolding story and quickened to a deeper walk with God and longing to see Him work.

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