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    “CARPE DIEM” – SEIZE THE DAY I understand this little bit of Latin comes from Horace, a Greek poet.  It seems that it can be used with the idea of ‘enjoy’ the day, ‘taking pleasure’ in it, ‘making use’ of it, and maybe several other ideas including ‘seize’ the day.  So, let’s apply this aphorism Read more

  • The Church In The Last Days (Part 2)

    The Church In The Last Days (Part 2)

    Originally included in Part 1 – this post has been split over two. HOW IS IT IN HEAVEN THEN? I am now back to where I began having mentioned the Book of the Revelation and my ‘daisy picking’ there. Again let me say that there is nothing light and airy, nothing superfluous or superficial in Read more

  • The Church In The Last Days (Part 1)

    The Church In The Last Days (Part 1)

    I began a musing a few days ago with the title, ‘The Church in the Last Days.” I am writing at the request of a number of people and I confess that I got stuck. I have never had much facility or confidence in my writing, so getting stuck is not unusual for me and Read more

  • Sabbath In The House

    Sabbath In The House

    And so the questions begin.  I had expected they would come, questions about whether the events coming upon the world are God’s judgement.  Are they the beginning of the end times?  How to answer these and many more?  Many in the churches, pastors and teachers included, shy away from all thought of God acting in Read more

  • God is good – All the time

    God is good – All the time

    I returned from Asia about three weeks ago in mid March.  Things have moved along at a surprisingly fast pace, now we find ourselves confined to a small holiday lodge in a small and quiet seaside resort in Devon.  We are living under the British Government lock down instructions. These are pretty restrictive for multitudes Read more