THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT



ISBN 1943133543

Most will not have heard of William Law.  He wrote in a time when the church manifestly lacked the power of the Holy Spirit and was stuck in a rut of religious ritual and a striving after and arguing about scholarship and right doctrinal statements.  It was in the early 1700’s he used his pen, and used it powerfully because ministry in the churches was closed to him in view of his outspokenness.  It was a time of the writing of books and tracts and this book was sent forth with the title, ‘An Affectionate Address to the Clergy.’  In the late nineteenth century the world renowned minister from South Africa, Andrew Murray read Law and being challenged as to the unchanging truth being taught there republished the book under the title it is now available with.  Interestingly enough it was reprinted again, in the 1990’s in a slightly adjusted version.  Christian Literature Crusade published it and there was a foreword by Dave Hunt.  So, in a way we could call this a perennial writing, something that returns and it is surely not by chance that Gideon House have made it available again in these days.  When he published it Andrew Murray wrote, “I only publish this because I do not know where to find anywhere else the same clear and powerful statement of the truth which the church needs at the present day.  I have tried to read or consult every book I knew of that treats of the work of the Holy Spirit, and nowhere have I met with anything that brings the truth of our dependence upon the continual leading of the Spirit, and the assurance that that leading can be enjoyed without interruption so home to the heart as the teaching of the present volume.  It is because I believe that teaching to be entirely scriptural, and to supply what many are looking for, that I venture to recommend it.”  This is high commendation indeed and we do well in our churches to pay attention to these words and get a copy.  Although the book was originally written three hundred years ago it is amazingly relevant to the church scene of today.  That Law was utterly convinced that without Christ by the Spirit there could be nothing, no life, no fruit, no real ministry of God.  That the reliance upon scholarship and fine sermons was to be rejected.  The new birth that brings the Life of Christ within the spirit of man and that issues in a new life with power over sin, the world and the devil is basic Christianity.  Law held that the church by emphasising imputed righteousness instead of a righteousness imparted by the Holy Spirit Who brings fellowship with the Righteous One is one of the ideas leading people into a mediocre christianity not worthy of the name.  When Murray brought out his edition of this book he wrote, “I cannot say how much I owe to this volume of William Law.  I ask the help of all who learn to value the book to bring it to the notice of those who preach the Gospel.  I beg of my brethren in the ministry to give it no cursory perusal.  I am confident that a patient and prayerful study will bring a  rich blessing.”  Let us heed these words remembering what our Lord Jesus said, “Without Me you can do nothing.”  

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