The Abolition of Britain

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                                       THE ABOLITION OF BRITAIN


Publisher QUARTET BOOKS        

ISBN 0-7043-8140-0

I am sure that younger readers, those under forty years old for instance, those ready to seriously consider a historical analysis of Britain that does not conform to the usual stuff spewed out by the media and the education establishment will find some serious food for thought in this book.  Peter Hitchens wrote it in 1998, it was first published then and he added a fresh analysis to the more recent edition of the book released in 2009.  There he considers the developments of the ten years into the 21st Century.  That he is a patriotic Englishman is evident.  Also that he is a journalist by trade and thus the style of the book, some would regard as racy and sweeping in some of its generalities.  

The main thrust is undeniable as he looks at the emergence of the materialistic, confused, hedonistic and manipulated people that make up what, (until the recent referendum on remaining in Europe) seemed the bulk of the British population.  Obviously this is not a ‘Christian’ book.  Social history from a somewhat nationalistic viewpoint, approaching things from a more conservative point of view and not swallowing the liberal immorality that undergirds the social engineering that has been practised by successive British governments over the last fifty or so years.  He begins with the stark contrast of the Winston Churchill era and the state of affairs following the death of Princess Diana.  

The identity crisis suffered after the debilitating second world war evidenced by various policies brought in by the Westminster Governments of the fifties that helped contribute to the ‘freedom’ of the increasingly materialistic and immoral minded sixties with its rebellion against anything that smacked of ‘the old fashioned’.  Of course, many do not read history, and as a result they understand virtually nothing of what has shaped both their own life and that of the nation of which they are supposed to be a vital part.  The result is that the media manipulation, the power of the TV and internet in the hands of a majority committed to the breakdown of family and moral values wins the day.  That the process has not gone so far down the road as perhaps Hitchen envisaged in 1998 is evident but, perhaps, from a natural point of view, the serious possibility of Brexit is the last breath of a society that retains some of the values that undergirded one of the most sane and good societies that have ever been in this fallen world.  

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