Sex and the Supremacy of Christ

                                SEX AND THE SUPREMACY OF CHRIST


Published CROSSWAY

ISBN 1-58134-697-2

In the introduction to this volume Justin Taylor tells us that its genesis was a conference held in 2004 and from that it emerged into a series of chapters subdivided into sections some two years later.  Thus at the point of writing this brief review it has been available new for thirteen years.  It is certainly utterly relevant today as it was when first available, probably even more so.  The first two chapters were written by John Piper and a third by Ben Patterson, these unfold the helpful doctrine of God’s Supremacy in Christ in the sexual realm.  A vital foundation leading to sections, written by different authors that come under the headings, Sin and Sex, Men and Sex, Women and Sex, History and Sex.  This last mentioned section is written from a distinctly ‘Protestant” point of view giving no room for anything from the Roman Catholic viewpoint.  Sex and History  concentrates on sex and its development in the mind and writings of Martin Luther and the final historical section examines the Puritan view of sex.  Perhaps this last was taken up to help balance the constant and subtle accusation contained in the use of the word ‘puritanical’ and the connotations of prudishness and hatred of sex even.  The whole book has great value.  It does not avoid matters and is gracious and explicit where it needs to be and thoroughly God glorifying.  I would call its approach refreshing and helps the reader see what a wonderful gift God has given in to the world and how the enemy has and is perverting it into something sordid and merely animal.  It is because these twelve contributors honour God and Biblical authority that the book contains counsel and instruction that must not be neglected nor thrust aside.  We are called to gain a “Christian Mind” as Harry Blamires called it and this book will help any reader to do exactly that.  The pure and high calling of God is to be found here and we are steered to a place of delight in God’s ordering of things in this most important area of life.  The chapters on sex and the single man and woman are very helpful, especially in the evidence of tenderness and understanding present.  God created sex, the devil distorted it and in the days when we are bombarded with sexual images and innuendos everyday we can be strengthened to embrace God’s more excellent way by going through these chapters.  

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