Contemporary world issues

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Author- Amy Chua

Publisher-Doubleday. New York

ISBN- 0-385-721-86-2


Amy Chua, a professor at Yale Law School, has written an important book in understandable language which makes a clear case against the exporting Western Democracy joined with free market capitalism.  The subtitle of the book is How Exporting Free Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability.  This is not a Christian book by a Christian writer but is necessary reading for those concerned with political, economic and social influences affecting the global scene as they are exported from North America and Europe.  Chua examines the actual impact of economic globalization in every region of the world, in Africa, Asia, Russia and Latin America.  She brings evidence to show that many of the poorer nations of the world are controlled economically by a small ethnic minority of the population.  The relatively small Chinese population in South East Asia controls the economy of that area.  The white minority in Latin America controls most of the wealth in that region.  In East Africa it is the Asian Indians who dominate and so the litany continues.  Another ingredient in the global mix is the introduction of democracy, which in turn releases suppressed ethnic hatred, these groups  rise into authority by popular vote and confiscate property from the wealthy and seek revenge through violence. Zimbabwe is just such an example, in Rwanda is led to massive slaughter.  Chua also shows how much of the anti American feeling that exists in the poorer two thirds world is the result of the market dominant minority from the Western world that enjoys such wealth and economic power.  Great resentment is growing towards the West as images are conveyed via satellite TV to the poorer nations showing the manner of living in the west, this is in such contrast with that which pertains in their own lands.  The author is not antagonistic to the process of  globalization but she clearly refutes the idea that what works in the West (democracy) will work in every culture.  Her suggestions for improving the situation are really a demonstration of generosity of the rich towards the poor, she appeals for compassion to restrain the rush to democratize the poorer nations.  This book helps us to see a larger picture of what is taking place in world history at this present time.

Last modified: May 14, 2012

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