Contemporary world issues

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Author-Os Guinness

Publisher- Baker Book House Co



This is a book of only one hundred and twenty pages written with economy of words but much penetration.  It is an analysis of Western ( and especially American) moral and political crisis and critiques modern and developing postmodern thought.  The book is tightly reasoned and shows the real enemy is not an armed horde but the decline of truth as a guiding principle in the lives of people.  Truth has been consistently undermined in our generation.  Jesus said that the knowing of the truth sets free and therefore its decline will inevitably produce bondage into our society. Skepticism is regarded as a virtue by postmodern thinkers, the deconstruction of truth and its replacement by relativism, the removal of any absolutes and the construction of vague subjectivity is producing a society which has totally lost its moorings and is increasingly tossed too and fro.  This book pleads for the use of reason in the search for ultimate truths.  Guinness exposes the hype and spin so prevalent in society which has become dull and asleep and slides ever deeper from objective truth in any form into mere subjectivity.  If truth is dead then all that remains is lies and propaganda.  The book moves forward to show that truth matters supremely and the only real persons are those who know and live by and in the truth.  This is one of the ‘Hourglass Books’ published by Baker Book House.  The purpose of this particular series is to promote reformation and revival within the evangelical community.  Each book is dedicated to the examination of a particular issue and it intended to promote discussion on that issue in order to restore the gospel to the evangelical church and the church to the gospel.  This book is not primarily academic, but it does challengingly probe serious matters demanding our attention.  

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