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 David Pawson is regarded as one of the UK’s finest biblical expositors.  This book was written in 2003 and is the result of a growing awareness the author regards as of a prophetic quality that comes from God.  It concerns the increasing presence, power and purpose of Islam in the United Kingdom and the serious possibility that this religion could be used by God as a scourge to purify the church as it presently exists in the UK.  The earlier chapters are full of facts regarding Islam in its historic development and current activities.  The author does not pretend to be an Islamic scholar and has freely drawn on other sources for his data.  The second half of the book consists of the call for a true Christian response to the growing activity of Islam, what should the church be and do?  This part of the book revolves around a number of words and three of the chapters are regarded as fundamental to that response, and are called ‘Reality, Relationship and Righteousness’, they constitute a clear statement of the basic elements necessary to the church that will provide a vibrant answer to this Islamic challenge.  Perhaps the author errs at points when he mentions personal anecdotes that could be regarded as buttressing his position against the criticisms that he received from some other Christian leaders when he first spoke of his prophetic perceptions of what could take place.  Having said this his tone as he defends Christianity and his assessment of Islam and its deficiencies is irenic and all times and well reasoned.  Anyone reading this book will find an increased understanding as to why the doctrine of the Trinity is at the heart of the conflict between Christianity and Islam.  Also, how vital is the Trinitarian knowledge of God to the work of redemption.  No Trinity of Father and Son and Spirit, and so no redemption!  There is an epilogue examining the book of Habakkuk and providing a scriptural precedent for the Lord taking up an agency that was strong and bitter in order to purify His people.  This is central to that prophecy as Habakkuk reasons with God as to why He should raise up the nation of Babylon against His chosen people.  There is much here to ponder for there can be little doubt that the church of the western world is running the grave risk of walking in superficialities which in no way fit her for the battle. There is no defeatist note in this book, the ultimate victory of God and His truth is sure.

Last modified: May 14, 2012

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