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Here is a daily devotional written by one of the most influential evangelical pastors and scholars of the past fifty years.  His ministry has been world-renowned and he has presented a thoroughly Biblical worldview in his entire expositional ministry.  This book provides reflections on the Bible from Genesis through Revelation and its purpose is to show the larger picture of God’s story in creation and redemption rooted in the nature of God as Trinity.  The intention is to encourage a stronger more holistic grasp on the Bible in the lives of its readers.  Stott is drawing near to the end of his life on this earth and this book is the fruit of his ministry over many years tempered by perspectives only those who have walked with God through a lifetime can write.  There are readings for every day based on the scriptures and with additional suggestions for further readings also.  The book is unusual in that it divides the year up, not so much from January 1st through December 31st but utilizes a kind of church calendar in which the year commences in September and runs through each day and week up to Christmas and is entitled “From Creation to Christ: and Overview of the Old Testament.  Then from January to April the story continues with ‘From Christmas to Pentecost: an Overview of the Gospels (Life of Christ) and finally from May through August the subject title is “From Pentecost to the Parousia: and Overview of the Acts, the Letters and the Revelation (Life in the Spirit).  This arrangement is unusual but very helpful for those desiring that ‘overview’ which the author is at pains to present.  So, this resource enables the reader to recapitulate each year the whole story of God.  Anyone taking up this book can begin at any point and work their way through and here is a sample from the first Sunday of the section dealing with Creation to the Coming of Christ, it is headed “The Creator’s Initiative” and the reading is Genesis 1 v 1 with advice for further reading in Matthews Gospel chapters five and six.  So, here is a book for taking a little time each day to learn of God and His ways in His creation from beginning to end.  

Last modified: May 14, 2012

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