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  • God and Human Sexuality. Part 4

    DO NOT TAMPER OR TEMPORISE WITH THE WORD OF GOD   Jesus had a running battle with the Scripture interpreters of His day. They were the Scribes and the Pharisees. That battle hotted up through the years of his ministry and his final speech he roundly denounced them. He cries “Woe” against them seven times Read more

  • God and Human Sexuality. Part 3

    REJECTION OF GOD AND THE CORRUPTION OF MAN   The letter Paul wrote to the Christians in Rome has two central themes. The first, it is about God. The second, it is about man, his departure from fellowship with God and his decline into states of life that are little better than that of the Read more

  • God and Human Sexuality. Part 2

    WHERE DO WE BEGIN?   A significant difference exists between the nations of the West and those of the East and of Africa. The former have slid down the slippery slope of sexual folly more slowly, perhaps in the period of three generations whereas the more conservative African and Asian nations have suddenly been presented Read more

  • God and Human Sexuality. Part 1

    The most significant matter about the processes of sin is that it is all begins with the rejection of God. If we will not have God reign over us, then the door will be opened to foolishness and self destruction. This is graphically and terribly seen especially in the vital matter of human sexuality. In Read more



    In late 2014 I was asked if I would prepare a series of messages on God and Human Sexuality. The leaders and pastoral team of a large church in Asia requested this. I said I would, but was a little reluctant yet at the same time could see how vital it is that to consider Read more