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Collin Hansen is editor at large for Christianity Today and in this book takes the reader on a journey of discovery.  It is exciting to read his account of the way a significant movement is taking place in various parts of the United States.  He visited and interviewed many younger people and leaders of churches and campus organizations that are turning to the great doctrines of the Christian Faith as the foundation for their life, in particular, those embracing the doctrines normally associated with John Calvin and the Reformed faith.  I had known some of what is contained in these pages, but it is good to see it compiled and verified.  To think of young people weary of churches that entertain rather than teach and who long for the solid word of God instead of the manipulation of seeker friendly methodologies meeting together, forming into churches and using the Internet to share the truth is very encouraging.  This book shows that a number of ministries are engaged in church planting, seeing people respond to the Lord from all sorts of backgrounds, and these new churches are not afraid to run the risk of appearing boring in that they focus on expository preaching of the doctrines of God’s grace, sometimes worship in a more confessional way and all of this taking place more among young adults than any other section of the community.  We note that some of these congregations manage to bring together both a Reformed theological perspective and a belief in the gifts of the Holy Spirit for today endeavoring to unite in their fellowships both the Word and the Spirit in a way that generally speaking charismatic churches fail to do.  Reports of passion for the Lord are contained in these pages, respect for Church History too, honoring of those mature in years who are holding firm to the glory of God in their ministries and a rejection of the superficial feeling centered ministries and churches that adhere to that way of doing things.  I have no doubt that this revival of Reformed doctrine will bring tensions and even splits in some churches, but it need not do so.  Even in these pages there are stories where divisions have occurred.  The book is candid, sensible and helpful; it puts on the map a movement of God taking place in the United States of America.  I myself can see why it would be that young people today would respond to such teaching and doctrine being presented in a living way.  In a world shot through with the vagueness of relativism and churches bending over backwards to be tolerant and even liberal there is a longing for clear voices that declare a full, free and finished salvation accomplished by God through Jesus Christ and brought into our lives today by the power of the Holy Spirit.  

Last modified: June 28, 2021

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