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Within the compass of a little over one hundred pages this Australian author presents a superb book on the subject of evangelism.  In order to obtain a copy you would probably have to order direct from www.newcreation.org.au but it would be well worth the effort to do so, provided you are prepared to bring your thinking and practice as far as evangelism is concerned right into line with the revelation of scripture.  This is not a ‘how to’ manual, in fact it exposes the manipulative cajoling and guilt ridden efforts to ‘evangelize’ often practiced and experienced in today’s church.  The author shows that God is the Evangelist, the Holy Spirit is the Witness and the Lord Jesus is the subject matter of the gospel.  God is on mission!  The church is called to know the power of the gospel for itself, an incandescent light is one that has heat as well as light, and the gospel is both light and heat and must not be separated from the God of the whose message it is.  Many of us have never come to the realization that the failure experienced so often over evangelistic efforts and the plethora of books advocating various methodologies and schema for rectifying the deficiencies are in fact the result of a lack of confidence in the power of the gospel itself; true evangelism is the overflow of hearts filled with personal experience of its power.  Romans chapter one verse sixteen sets the thesis of this book, Paul tells us, “I am not ashamed of the gospel: it is the power of God unto salvation…”  The mistaken mentality leading to trust in technological apparatus, slick sales methods and other concepts counterproductive to God doing His own work through His gospel in the community of the church of which Jesus is Lord and Head, are exposed as the truth is unfolded in these pages.  It is so helpful to have wrong ways debunked by the right and the truth stated chapter-by-chapter exposes the shabby-ness of wrongheaded ideas that have encrusted the churches.  God is magnified and His gospel too.  The tendency to try to find a successful method seems to be a constant temptation in some congregations today and “what to do and how to do it” preoccupies many whilst the fact is that programs flow from the gospel itself as the God of grace convinces His people of its power.  We are privileged to share with God in what He is doing, it is not the thing the church must do, by which it grows and validates its existence.  We have separated the gospel from the God of the gospel and this is the reason that in many cases the message preached and taught is diluted and lacks the power to transform.  The author has been involved in church evangelism in various parts of Australia over many years and has proved the truth of what he writes and his message must be heard and acted upon.   

Last modified: June 28, 2021

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