Subtitled “A Teacher For Our Time” this book is an in depth and candid study of the prominent and influential teachers of the charismatic renewal.  Those unfamiliar with this man’s life will find an honest and inspiring story about a man’s hunger for God.  The book does not hold anything back concerning this man.  He was born in India and his childhood was not an easy one.  His years in Cambridge University are covered in some detail along with his search for meaning in life.  There are a good number of surprise revealed as the story unfolds.  His conversion in the UK took place whilst serving in the British Army. His early Christian experience was much influenced by the Pentecostal Church and for a season he became a pastor in that group of churches. He had a long life and it involved living and ministering in Israel, United Kingdom, Kenya, Canada and the USA.  Each step involved increasing growth in the life and ministry of God.  The outstanding lesson of this autobiography is how God moulds and shapes His vessels.  The many and varied stages through which God took His servant are quite remarkable.  The lessons learned, the preparations for that which was to come further down the track are plainly visible.  Among those lessons plainly learned were the discipline of fasting, the necessity of thanksgiving, the impact of prayer, the leadership of the Holy Spirit and the certainty of spiritual warfare.  He was married twice, both wives were godly women, the first wife Lydia being a woman twice his age at the date of their marriage.  There was amazing development of his ministry into a worldwide movement with multiple resources being available. In many places these resources are offered free of charge and is a testimony to the calling of God and His faithfulness to His word in His servants.  When Derek Prince was asked concerning the most important truth he had learned about life he answered, “God is faithful, He keeps His word. He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  It is the greatest truth of my life: God is faithful”.  This book will be a particular inspiration to those who valued the life and ministry of Derek Prince.  He had a deep commitment to, and experience of Biblical truth and to the Holy Spirit’s ministry and his life encourages us to receive of that deep and lasting legacy of his teaching. 

Last modified: June 28, 2021

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