Spurgeon is known as ‘the Prince of Preachers’.  He was a spiritual giant of his age whose ministry was authoritatively from God and prophetic, relevant in his day and in our day too.  There are more writings of Spurgeon in print at this time than any other Christian author.  This book is a series of twelve messages he gave before hundreds of ministers and missionaries who gathered each year at Spurgeon’s College Conference to hear the ‘Governor’ at his best.  This book has lost none of its value with the passing of years and is vital reading for all Christian workers of every kind.  Some will find it to be strong medicine as he perceived prophetically in his day what the church of the present day is now enduring.  This book has warnings and rebuke for those who are departing from the ‘ancient paths’ of the gospel.  It also contains as exhortations and encouragements for those who will God pleasers and not men pleasers.  It would be true to say that Spurgeon was a phenomena in his day.  From earliest years God had dealt deeply in his soul and in weakness he fulfilled a ministry which was ‘mega’ before the word ‘megachurch’ was even thought of.  He manifests a pastors heart in these addresses, they have their share of wit and sanity.  He discovered the secret of success and ministered from the vantage point of a God blessed ministry.  Here are a few of the titles of messages contained in this book. “Forward”.  “ Strength in Weakness”. “Stewards”.  “The Evils of the Present Time, and our Object, Necessities and Encouragements”.  “The Preacher’s Power, and the Conditions of Obtaining It”.  Spurgeon preached weekly to a congregation of five thousand people for a period of thirty seven years.  God was at work and surely a man of his caliber deserves to be listened to again in our day?  He presents no neat system of success such as are so prominent in our day but brings us to the heart of what constitutes true ministry and church life.  Perhaps these sermons could be read through a little at a time at family devotions, they are memorable, challenging and upbuilding. 

Last modified: October 23, 2021

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