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                                The Rest Of God


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ISBN 0-8499-1848-0

This is my first acquaintance with any of Mark Buchanans books.  He is a pastor from Canada and wrote it during a sabbatical from his busy ministry.  I suspect he would have been wiser to have waited a few years and then written it.  He is making some excellent points as to the subject of the sabbath rest, not so much as a special day, but as a way of life.  He does so endeavouring to examine the spirit of his subject and uses his flourishing imagination liberally.  In the end I found the illustrations tiresome.  Beginning each chapter with maybe ten or twelve paragraphs of illustration and then, at last gets to the one sentence that gets to the nub of his subject matter.  Many will enjoy this approach I am sure.  There is much of the author in the book, anecdotes, stories and admissions about his own shortcomings, again, perhaps too much of him and not enough of others so that  probably some would accuse him of arrogance.  Yet, having said all this, he provokes us to consideration of vital matters.  There is a glaring omission though, namely,  the centrality of Christ Jesus our rest.  Surely He is the heart of the matter as regards abiding in the rest of God?  He did not touch that once throughout.  However, let me emphasise again the fact that there are some serious matters examined here, work, play, legalism, finding a centre, restoring our soul, stopping to think anew, good stuff and utterly relevant to the our need as twenty-first century Christians.  When I delve around to find out what others say of his writings many are enthusiastic, especially mentioning his first book, Your God is too Safe.”  That we are waylaid with overmuch busyness and have lost the art of living with a quiet, glad heart is surely true, so, whatever we can read that can make us think and act and change and draw near to God is surely welcome.  

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