Sex and the Single Christian

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                                 SEX AND THE SINGLE CHRISTIAN



ISBN 0-551-02037-7

What a shame this little book is no longer in print.  You will have to dig around a bit to find a second hand copy, but it will prove to be a worthwhile acquisition.  It was written in 1987 by a thirty-five year old Christian young woman who was a newspaper reporter for the Houston Chronicle.  By that time she had also worked in Miami and elsewhere, so, a person used to a busy life.  By that period she had already won several awards for her journalism and her writing is excellent.  Over the years since she has carried through on the things of which she wrote in this book.  She was part of several Christian communities both in Oregon and Houston and wrote a book about one of them.  Her most recent book is one about why people are quitting church.  Note the title mentions ‘single christian.’  This is not for girls and women only, it is for single men too.  It is not a flashy teach the teenager a moral code kind of book.  It is an honest look at sexuality and singleness.  For those who want to live for God and please Him, there is plenty of wise counsel here.  Sexuality is more than sex, it is possible to live our sexual purity that is satisfying.  To integrate spiritual life and sexuality is not easy but can be done as she shows.  There is counsel for the marrieds in the churches and how they can best help those who are single.  She is quite convinced that the church is not wise in so much it does do and does not do in regard to the ‘singles’ in their midst.  My observations agree with hers.  She is also convinced that to chaste living is entirely possible and can be made the easier by intimacy with God and fellowship with other brothers and sister in a living Christian church.  To serve the Lord is fundamental to fulfilment, even in our sexuality she avers. The book is practical, spiritual, scriptural and thoughtful.  We must thank her for writing it and sharing so honestly the path of her own life up to that point.  I am sure she has walked on in these things since, to the glory of God.

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