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Publisher CROSSWAY

ISBN 1-4335-226-8

An unusual title for sure and the author explains that he has three meanings in mind.  Firstly litis short for literature, this is a book about the usefulness and beauty of books!  Second, everything  around us is litby the glory of God and literature in particular can be profoundly illuminating.   Finally, those who know and read the gospel of the Lord Jesus themselves become lit,full of light!  Basically the book is a call and encouragement to the delight and discipline of reading literature of all kinds but especially the scriptures and books about the things of God.  Although the author tells us his book is short and that he omits much that could be said, in the first part he is possibly a bit long in stating the theological reasons for reading.  What he says is good nevertheless and a necessary foundation especially as he makes the case for the vital necessity of a Biblical worldview as the basis for all our reading.  I think Reinke communicates the real possibility that his readers can even become excited at the prospect of reading.  He lets it be known that the habits of book reading will certainly require discipline and for sure many Christians are to be faulted in that they do not bother, preferring the all pervasive attractions of TV and video alternatives.  For those who only read Christian books there are cogent reasons why a wider diet of literature will enhance and not hinder if wisely adopted.  For those who are not good at reading there is counsel as to how to get started and slowly develop.  For those who hate reading there are arguments to defeat the lie and the laziness that underlies the hate.  For parents there is advice as to ways to encourage children to read.  For pastors, what they can do to help their congregation to enter into the wonderful world of literature.  So, there are plenty of practical things covered here, gentle rebukes and gracious encouragements.  All the while I was conscious that I was working through lines written by a man captured with the delight of reading.  And a younger man with a family among whom he is learning to practice what he preaches.  So, a book in two halves, the first establishing the why of reading and the second the practical application of that why with its promise and possible pitfalls.  This is a Christian guide to reading books.  Get it!  

Last modified: October 17, 2015

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