In My Father’s House

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ISBN 0-8054-3082-2

Apparently this is the second book by this particular author.  She and her husband live just to the east of the Canadian Rockies with their family.  She is not only an author but a public speaker in various conferences in a number of  countries along with her husband Brent.  Here we have a book written by a lady who is endeavouring to help the reader look past the portrait of our earthly father into the eyes and heart of God, our Heavenly Father.  It is difficult, especially for a lady using the testimonies of various other ladies as the jump off point for each chapter, to avoid the tendency to the sentimental.  Generally she manages this although at times it gets a bit cloying.  However, it must be said that there are many elements of the book where God is set forth as Father in His greatness of power as well as His tender love.  Almighty and loving Father is perhaps a phrase that captures her thrust.  

She is not over heavy on the doctrinal, theological elements of the relationships of God the Father with His Son, but when she does she writes the truth and applies that helpfully.  She is so right when she states that if we do not know God as Father then we do not really know Him at all.  A common theme in the Christian world of today is that life is a journey and she invites us to walk with her into the discovery of God our Father, to live closer to His heart, in the reality of His love and holiness.  Although this may be more a book written by a woman for women many men and fathers can benefit from going through its relatively short and helpful chapters.  She does not stint in showing that the God the Father is first Creator God of the universe and desires as the highest for the men and women He has created, that they should know Him in the intimacy of the Father son and daughter relationship.  

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