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Publisher Wm. B. EERDMANS

ISBN 0-8028-6286-0

Henri Nouwen’s first writings were published in the late 1960’s and this particular little volume is the transcript of a conversation between an Anglican minister Philip Roderick and Henri.  That took place in the summer of 1992 during a retreat held in England.  The book includes a CD of the conversation and we could say is vintage Nouwen containing the distillation of his more mature thought as to life in communion with God through the Lord Jesus Christ and thereby true communion and service to God and others.  It is simple, straightforward and filled with the counsels of a wise man.  For those who are able to get over the denominational barrier (not so easy as one would think) the reader will find in this Roman Catholic author no mention (in this book) of Mary, one mention of ‘icons’ and many encouragements and exhortations as to what solitude really is, prayer, communion with God and with mankind.  What the heart of man really is, desiring God and the place of contemplation and service are examined.  In short, there is plenty to think about and many will find it confirmatory to that which they would read in the good devotional literature that comes from the experience of writers of a more evangelical persuasion.  The title “Beloved” indicates the starting point of the author’s thought.  We begin with the realization that we are the beloved of God and from that increasing consciousness springs our sense of true identity mingled with profound repentance as to what we have been outside of that knowledge of God. I suppose you could call this book one of spiritual advice to the seeking heart.  Virtually all of this writers forty of so books are brief, this one just fifty two pages.  It is one to put in the library and return to from time to time and the bonus of hearing the authors voice on the CD adds to its value.

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