The sun shines but it is not day it is night

The sun shines but it is not day it is night

a man walks, but he is dead, he is not alive

he outwardly loughs, but inside him he cries

The cry of a woman can be heard, of an unborn child

That of a tormented slave, of an abused wife

Jesus Christ our Lord quickly come do not delay

All creation groans and earnestly waits


A bird sings bud it is not a song it is a sigh

Priest and judge corrupt  are  full of pride

Unclean with sin and filth inside

Hypocrisy and greed and strife

like sepulchers are full of bones but outwardly white

Jesus Christ our Lord Maranatha in justice rule and reign

All Creation groans and earnestly waits


Things that glitter have become our chains

We thing we are masters but we are slaves

All our comfort made us week and vain,

We eat and drink and throw away

And the wisdom of the world has killed our precious faith

Come Lord wipe our tears put an end to sin and death and pain

We groan, for Him we earnestly wait


The Mountains and hills before Him rejoice

And trees do sing and clap their hands in joy

wolf and lamb  they now live  in peace

and lion and goat side by side they feed

Swords and spears words that tear are no more in need

The Sun of righteousness has risen, with healing in His wings

Our Savior has come, our heart’s beloved King

M.Y 2012







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