God and Human Sexuality. Part 1

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The most significant matter about the processes of sin is that it is all begins with the rejection of God. If we will not have God reign over us, then the door will be opened to foolishness and self destruction. This is graphically and terribly seen especially in the vital matter of human sexuality.

In our three studies we will concentrate and elaborate somewhat on several straightforward facts.

  1. God created human beings in His own image.
  2. Men and women can only be true to their themselves as they accept their identity as either male or female and all this implies.
  3. The distortions and gender confusion that result in all human sexuality are rooted in refusal to honour God as God and to know Him.
  4. This rejection of God takes a course downward by degrees into every form of bizarre gender confusion and relationships that bring misery to the soul and sterility in life and breakdown of the God ordained structure of society.
  5. When churches embrace the image of God in male and female and heterosexual marriage between one man and one woman and reject every other manner of life they will come into conflict with those who are choosing other pathways.
  6. As we return to the wisdom of God in Christ Jesus our true identity as persons either male or female is reasserted and so we become proper human beings. There is deliverance in Christ Jesus for all, no matter their background!

Take time to consider Romans chapter one, especially verses 18 through 32. See how man chooses to reject God, God then takes His hand off and “gives them up” to their folly. Paul speaks of “their foolish heart was darkened.” Their minds became debased because they did not see fit to acknowledge God. Study these verses and see the dreadful downward progression ending in heartless and ruthless selfishness. This is where western society is already headed. Look at the book of Proverbs, especially chapter five. Its context is wisdom in marriage and the foolishness of going from the good way God has given.

Unfaithfulness in either husband of wife will possibly lead to divorce and free no cause divorce will gradually become common and thus the downward slope is taken that leads to so-called same sex marriage which in turn leads to bizarre sexual practices which will lead in turn to the legitimising of sex with children and the refusal to call it child molestation. Post modern society is sliding downward. Be warned. The old wedding service contained the words, “Marriage (between one man and one woman) was ordained for the good of society which can only be strong where the marriage bond is held in honour.” Let all mankind take note. According to the book of Proverbs, and history bears this out, they who turn from God’s way of wisdom are fools and bring about their own self-destruction.

Always remember, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,” (Proverbs 1:7). Remember too that in the book of Proverbs there are three kinds of people, the wise, the foolish and those who are simple. There are many in our world and in the churches who we could define as ‘simple.’ They are pulled toward the spirit of the world and its idea (including the notion of tolerance). But, let those of us who realise we are among the simple reverence God Who created us and heed His counsels and we shall be wise and wisdom shall issue in families that are stable, blessed and fruitful in society.

In our studies we will attempt to cover a lot of ground and also give some pointers as to how the church should endeavour to help those who have chosen, for whatever reason, the path of folly. So, these studies shall move from and through doctrine to practical application.

Last modified: March 29, 2021

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